Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tuesday Tell All

To all my fans... I'm sorry this is late! I wouldn't have even remembered if it hadn't been for Cat and Jessica. Yesterday I was thinking, "I really wish I had something to blog about". Well now I do, but this weeks is kinda dumb. Here it goes anyway! And when will the rest of you start doing TTA too? Come on, join the party.

Do you workout?

Share with us your routine.
What are your "must have" workout favorites.

Why yes, I do work out. I try to go every morning even though it bites so much having to wake up so early. Atleast now it is warm when I go outside so that definitely helps the motivation. My alarm clock goes off about 6:25 and I hit snooze until 6:45. I go to Golds and run about 4 times a week. Then on the other days I'll do the eliptical machine and weights or whatever I feel like. I did the Pilates class this last Monday morning, and I loved it. So I'm gonna try and incorporate that in every week now.

As far as must haves- an IPOD!!! I can't run without an Ipod. It's torture without it. But do you remember how my ipod broke, yeah that sucked. I had a running tracker that hooked into my ipod nano and it would track my progress and that was a once a must have when I could use it. Now I just use Jesse's Ipod, but my thing won't hook into it. It only works with the Ipod nano. I had to retell that story, it was pretty traumatizing.

One other thing I need to incorporate is a Wii Fit! We don't have one....yet. We played it at PB and JS and it was so fun. I guess I'm gonna have to decide what to save up for first! Nano or Wii Fit?

The End.


cat.janer said...

Ha oh girf the treadmill will track your progress for you. You don't need that shoe thing. You just DON'T. PS I love those Work-Out Barbies so much.

Brady and Taryn said...

You go to Gold's! Why have i not seen you there.... maybe because I haven't gone in like two weeks. I am sooo jealous that you went to the Pilates class. I have been wanting to go to it but I am scared. Is that weird? I'm just afraid i won't be able to do what they want and that I won't understand anything because I've never done Pilates before. Teach me.

PB and JS said...

I have already told you my favorite workout is Turbo Jam. It is way fun to workout to (at least to me). The plus side is you just pop them into your DVD player, and you don't even have to leave your house!

Orton's said...

You should get the nike+ shoes. Here's a link