Tuesday, July 29, 2008


If you don't know what that stands for... you're stupid. jokes! It's your favorite day of the week! Tuesday Tell ALL!!! da da daaaa and here it is.

What are your favorite summertime treats?

Snow Cones


Home made Icecream!

Okay, there is a little snow cone shack in the parking lot of the Scera Pool in Orem, and those are the best snow cones I have ever had in my entire life. My favorite flavor is Snowberry, which is banana, strawberry and something else I can't remember. Anyway, you can get a scoop of ice cream on the bottom or cream drizzled on the top- I do both. The ice cream is such a nice little surprise when you finally get to it. So yummy. I'm going to go get one tonight and no one is stopping me.

As for the home made icecream, Jesse and I got an ice cream maker for our wedding and we love it! We have used it a couple of times and used the same recipe both times. So good. The first time we did Strawberries and the second time we did raspberries. I'm going to post the recipe as soon as I get home. I got it from Marcie, so I hope she doesn't care that I'm sharing:)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mamma Mia, here we go again

My-my- how can I resist ya?

Don't ask me, I can't resist it. Jessica and I saw it last night and now I want to buy the soundtrack (or ABBA cd or burn Jessica's), see the show in Vegas, and probably see this movie again.

If you like Moulin Rouge, Dreamgirls, Hairspray, or movies that are good- You'll love this.

p.s. I had no idea they sang "Take a chance on me". I mean I have only heard the Alvin and the Chipmunks version, so I just figured it was them that created it. I was obviously way off.

Friday, July 25, 2008


Well, if you know anything about me, you know that Red Vines licorice is in my top 3 treats of choice. The reason for this is because they are thicker pieces than the meesley twizzlers.

So the last few bags I have boughten I have noticed the pieces are getting skinnier and smaller! I thought maybe it was just a figment (spelling? or even a real word?) of my imagination. Then on our trip, I brought along a bag and I was looking over the nutrition information. There is 140 cals in 4 pieces. 4 pieces! It used to be 140 cals in 2 pieces! They have basically been cut in half!

Mostly, I just wanted to inform you of this injustice. I will not stop eating these, because it's more than just the thickness that I like. It's the fact that it dyes your toungue red, sticks in your teeth so much it could pull out a cavity, it's the best road trip treat, and it's only $.99 at Wal-Mart.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Celebrity Morph by MyHeritage

MyHeritage: Celebrity Morph - Family name origins - Family history

Celebrity Morph that I stole from Suzandy:)

MyHeritage: Family trees - Genealogy - Celebrities

Tuesday Tell All

To all my fans... I'm sorry this is late! I wouldn't have even remembered if it hadn't been for Cat and Jessica. Yesterday I was thinking, "I really wish I had something to blog about". Well now I do, but this weeks is kinda dumb. Here it goes anyway! And when will the rest of you start doing TTA too? Come on, join the party.

Do you workout?

Share with us your routine.
What are your "must have" workout favorites.

Why yes, I do work out. I try to go every morning even though it bites so much having to wake up so early. Atleast now it is warm when I go outside so that definitely helps the motivation. My alarm clock goes off about 6:25 and I hit snooze until 6:45. I go to Golds and run about 4 times a week. Then on the other days I'll do the eliptical machine and weights or whatever I feel like. I did the Pilates class this last Monday morning, and I loved it. So I'm gonna try and incorporate that in every week now.

As far as must haves- an IPOD!!! I can't run without an Ipod. It's torture without it. But do you remember how my ipod broke, yeah that sucked. I had a running tracker that hooked into my ipod nano and it would track my progress and that was a once a must have when I could use it. Now I just use Jesse's Ipod, but my thing won't hook into it. It only works with the Ipod nano. I had to retell that story, it was pretty traumatizing.

One other thing I need to incorporate is a Wii Fit! We don't have one....yet. We played it at PB and JS and it was so fun. I guess I'm gonna have to decide what to save up for first! Nano or Wii Fit?

The End.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tuesday Tell All


* All the soldiers that fight for our freedom

*Standing to sing the National Anthem- We sang the whole thing at church last Sunday and who knew that baby was so long?

*Fireworks- There was one shaped like a heart in PC and it was the best.

*Our ability to get a good education- yep, I'm graduating in December

*Hamburgers, fries, and a shake- I crave this probably everyday

*Baseball Games- I need more of these in my life

*Stadium of Fire- Please don't get Miley Cyrus again though

*American Idol- Kelly Clarkson was all over my ipod until it broke.

*Parades-except why don't more of them throw more candy?

*That stores are open on the 4th for my shopping pleasure on my day off.

*Being able to travel all around the country- no problem

*Watching USA at the Olympics- remember Keri Strugg? Oh my gosh, I love her.

* That we can choose our religion

*Camping, campfire, s'mores

*The NBA finals


Multiple Choice: Which of the following happened to me at the gym this morning?

A) I got tripped up on the treadmill and fell off

B) My Ipod dropped and now won't turn on

C) My car was broken into

D) The guy at the front desk kept pestering me to renew my pass

E) I slept in and didn't go to the gym.

Well B is for BROKEN IPOD, and if B is what you guessed then you win!

I am seriously so sad about it though! Especially since I just bought this Nike running thing that hooks into your Ipod nano and it tracks your running. The problem is it will only work on the nano. Jester has the bigger one, so although I can use his ipod, the tracking tot does me no good. It barely dropped 3 feet to the ground and now it won't turn on. All I'm trying to say is that this was a really sad moment in my life.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


FaVoRiTe ToUcH

Okay, this is the last of the 5 senses to be covered on Tuesday Tell all. I think it's getting a little old, but next week will be something more awesome and more interesting, hopefully.

This one is kind of tricky though! I had a hard time thinking of one. So I have chosen a favorite touch for my feet.

If I could get a pedicure everyday i would