Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tuesday Tell-All

Favorite Sound

Whenever Jesse works a night shift, he'll call me as soon as he gets off. I love hearing his ring tone more than anything because it means he will be home soon!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Tag- Tag- Bo-Bag

Cat-a-lac tagged me and it's sad how excited that makes me.

Tags are kind of like a chain letter... only one thousand times better and less getting stickers in the mail.

3 Joys
~Being married to Jesse, he's pretty much the best.
~Four day weekends
~Parades and fireworks- Let's hear it for July

3 Fears
~ Getting in a wreck- you think I would be used to it by now
~Someone breaking into our house- Every morning I am convinced someone is walking around upstairs:)
~Salami, don't anyone try to force me to eat that.

3 Goals
~Run a half-marathon
~Beat Jesse in Mario Kart
~ Go see Batman 2 on opening night

3 Current Obsessions/Collections
~Anything the color red/burnt orange to match our room (pics to come!!!)
~ The Wii
~LOST, the season finale was last week and I'm still thinking about it daily

3 Friends to Tag (or six; whatever)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tuesday Tell All

I stole this idea from my friend Kiersten, I hope she doesn't mind! It's just a good way for me to try and get atleast 1 post per week, so here it goes!

This weeks topic is to post a photo, share a memory or list a favorite SIGHT!

One of my favorite sights ever is the Ocean. It doesn't matter where, I just love it! I saw the ocean for the first time a little over a year ago in May. And since then I have taken every chance I have to see it again! I love to get right in the water and get completely demolished by the waves. I hope I can live by it someday.

This is Huntington Beach in California May 2007, this is the very first time I had seen the ocean and it was the best! Keelie, Cicelie, Jesse and I just decided one weekend, last minute, to road trip it and it was so fun!

This is August 2007 with my friend Danielle, we just decided to take a trip to Cancun! (Also VERY last minute)

This is probably the most disgusting picture of me alive, but I love the background so I'm putting it up. I loved San Francisco.

This is in Monterey, California just a week after we got engaged. We took some fun pictures and it was so dang pretty. Perfect weather.

I blame Jesse for the fact that I love it so much, almost every time I have been there, he has been with me.

Monday, June 2, 2008

It takes me 3 years to follow a trend.

I know that skinny jeans have been around for a while. But, I am a chicken. Anyway I am so excited that I finally got my first pair and I love them. They are super comfy! And I don't really know if this occasion is blog worthy, but atleast it's not another quiz saying I am some crazy shoe, right?