Monday, December 22, 2008

New Addiction

If you own a Wii and need a new game, this is THE one to get. The other night Jesse and I decided since we have been so good this year that we could each open one present early. And this is the one I MADE him open. I knew he'd love it, what I didn't know was that I would love it so so so much. We opened it on Thursday and have been up past 1 a.m. everday since then. Getting up for work this morning was rough, but I think it was worth it because I am starting to beat Jesse more and more. My arm is so sore from all that pitching and batting, so it's a work out too. Anyway, really if you are looking for a new game.... get this baby!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Things on my mind as of late...

  • I'm thinking about deleting this blog... I don't have enough things to fill it with so that it can continually please my fans. Thoughts?
  • What are in my presents under the tree? I love surprises so so so much. But really can I just open them right now? It's so hard for me to wait.
  • Last night Jesse and I were going to go to Temple square because we both had the night off, then we opted to stay at home instead. At first I was wondering why we're so boring? Then I realized we are never home together and it's so nice to just be home and relax together and watch re-runs. It's such a fun activity.
  • Why are people still talking about the election? Please stop. It won't change.
  • Why can't i just make up my own mind of what I will do after graduation? I just want someone to tell me what to do, but then when people tell me what to do I just want them to stop... how will this vicious cycle end?
  • I miss Deedra living closer.
  • Why won't my parents just move to Orem?
  • I love My package just came, and it was on time, and I could track it the whole time it was in shipping. I love it when you can see exactly where your package is at.
  • Who will send me on What Not to Wear? I could buy so many awesome clothes with $5,000. Somebody out there, let's make a pact, I'll nominate you and you nominate me. And we won't be offended that we got nominated and our friends think we have ugly clothes.
  • Last night, Jesse and I had our own What Not to Wear, kind of. He made me go through my clothes and it was just like on the show when the girl is crying for Clinton and Staci to not throw the things away! Those clothes have sentimental meanings, no ,no, no! But alas, I gave in and have a laundry basket full of clothes for my lucky nieces and sisters and anyone else who wants to dive in.
  • Should I just give in and drink Diet Mt. Dew everyday? Jessica, your thoughts? Wait, I think i'll know your thoughts. Also, I think I deserve the treat.
  • Why can I not wake up in the mornings anymore. And that also means I haven't worked out since my last post that says I LOVE exercising. ha ha well not that long ago, but it's almost been that long since I last worked out.