Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tuesday Tell All

FaVoRiTe TaStE


cat.janer said...

You know I love the Hot & Ready's. And the Whoppers that Burger King won't bring us. I didn't order a salad, bihs. I look at you and your Whoppers and I just think, I have to pluck my salad's eyebrows. It's a different life. TONIGHT IS SUSHI NIGHT!

Deedra Wilkerson said...

MMMMMM - Red Vines. So much better than twizzlers.

Staci said...

You know..I totally thought of you when Dennis was coming into town..should I have told you? I thought you would think I was silly! How are you? How is life? I have to find out all about you from other peeps!! Do you miss me? I heard your pad is amazing! Miss ya miss Lea, I still want to see wedding pics!! Let me know next time you have a sushi night!!!