Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tuesday Tell All


* All the soldiers that fight for our freedom

*Standing to sing the National Anthem- We sang the whole thing at church last Sunday and who knew that baby was so long?

*Fireworks- There was one shaped like a heart in PC and it was the best.

*Our ability to get a good education- yep, I'm graduating in December

*Hamburgers, fries, and a shake- I crave this probably everyday

*Baseball Games- I need more of these in my life

*Stadium of Fire- Please don't get Miley Cyrus again though

*American Idol- Kelly Clarkson was all over my ipod until it broke.

*Parades-except why don't more of them throw more candy?

*That stores are open on the 4th for my shopping pleasure on my day off.

*Being able to travel all around the country- no problem

*Watching USA at the Olympics- remember Keri Strugg? Oh my gosh, I love her.

* That we can choose our religion

*Camping, campfire, s'mores

*The NBA finals


JeRiCa said...

Remember we can always count on the Altamont Longhorn days parade to throw candy at us. Always. We just have to show up two days early to get a good spot because those basin folk get pretty excited about their party. P.S. So sorry about the ipod.

cat.janer said...

Kerri Strug is a dufus. God bless America!

Deedra said...

I love that Keri Strug! Oh, and my new hero is the 41 year old swimmer.

Brady and Taryn said...

America is so much fun, i love it! It just wouldn't be America without American Idol! and Keri Strug. And not as much fun either. Yay!

cat.janer said...

STILL...waiting for the new Tuesday Tell All at 8AM on Tuesday morning?

PB and JS said...

Umm where is the new tell all? It is officially Wednesday!

Orton's said...

I think I like Tell All Tuesday better (TAT)!