Friday, November 21, 2008


1. Jesse
2. Oh, I was just doing my thing working at Buckle and he couldn't take my eyes off me. He wouldn't even leave the store! Oh wait- that's because he worked there too. We didn't date or really even talk when we both worked there, but after I stopped working there he asked me on a date.
3. Well, not very long. Our first date was in April, and we dated throughout the summer, but didn't really get serious until the end of the summer. Then we were engaged in December. So, usually we'll say we dated for 7 months. I don't even know.
4. We were engaged for 4 months.
5. We have been married for almost 7 months and we have hated every moment of it. Just kidding. It's been really good.

You might have already done this, so don't worry about it if you have, but I love hearing other people's stories because even if I've heard them before, I always forget.

1. Suzanna
2. Jessica
3. Merri
4. Monica
5. Angelique
6. Chelsy
7. Jerica
8. Tasha
9. Anne
10. And just all my married friends.


Merri said...

Newlyweds newlyweds. :)

PB and JS said...

I tagged you

PB and JS said...

Oh and also you to are cute together. I am glad your first year is a breeze.

Merri said...

I guess this post is 2 weeks old...