Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Today is the day I'm telling it all. It may be Wednesday but eh, what can you do?

Opening Ceremonies are in just a few days! Well like two to be exact! I can't believe it, I love the Olympics. We need Tivo so I don't miss everything while we are in Disneyland- oh well Disneyland rocks too. And there will still be lots of stuff to watch when we get back. Anyway the TTA for this week asks- Are you competitive? Which event would you chooseto participate in?
I think I am semi-competitive. Not enough that I am killing everyone to win, but I do like to win. However, I get over losing really easy... like the next day I have forgotten everything. I guess that's why losing every b-ball game in high school never forced me to try harder. jk. We didn't lose EVERY game.
If I was really good and participate in whatever event I wanted to, I would do the track stuff. Those people are so fast and it would be so awesome to finish a mile in 4 minutes or something like that. Second choice- gymnastics. You know how I feel about Keri Strugg. Love her.


PB and JS said...

If I was in the Olympics I would probably do Synchronized Swimming because I wouldn't want everyone looking at me. I mean you would all look the same. Not like swimming or track. Secretly I would want to be a Gymnast though.

cat.janer said...

Leandra. If you could understand how much I love the Olympics you would kill yourself. I love diving/swimming. I could watch it all day-my brother is tivo-ing the whole thing for me. Keri Strug is for the birds. I don't know if you saw how she did in her other events that Olympics. Not that great. I think I just called Keri Strug on.