Thursday, March 6, 2008

What Candy Do I Associate With You?

Jesse -Not really a candy... but he always gets a Strawberry Lemonade when we eat out

Cat- Of course Junior Mints

Amy- We share a love for Hint of Lime chips

Staci- I'll never forget the costco bag of M&M's in your top drawer. I loved when you'd share:) AND of course Mini Cadbury eggs, and my popcorn is on it's way:)

Merri- Don't try to pretend like you like twizzlers better than Red Vines, I know better

Deedra - Can't get enough of the vanilla tootsie rolls

Jessica- I know she likes Carmel Apple Suckers

Leia- Just a guess but do you like skittles?


Leia said...

Leandra...I have to tell you that I hate skittles. So sorr, but it was a good effort. I like junior mints and reeses. P.S. Christy thought it was hilarious that you asked her if she remembered you.

Merri said...

This is true I do like red vines if they are soft and chewy and you are right about deedra and her vanilla tootsies!

Anne said...

Leandra I have to ask how you got the lines around your title so thick. Instead of the little lines like around your pictures.

Wilkerson Family said...

I do love my blue tootsies! Still enjoying your Christmas gift to this day!

Meggara said...

so i guess you dont like me. thats fine.